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Is Nursing Home Abuse Considered as Medical Malpractice?

Helping the older adults in our family is an important that thing that you can decide to do when you have them. Difficulties are faced when you are the only one that is supposed to take care of the activities in the family and also watch over the elderly. For that reason, you can decide to take the elderly into a nursing home where they are taken care of in the best way. Over some years, reports have been made that there is some nursing home that has been abusing the elderly. Your duty as the loved one of the elderly in the care home is not only to visit them but also to report any case of abuse. When you have noticed that a nursing home is abusing the elderly, then you should report them immediately because the act is not legal.
What are some of the tips of nursing home abuse? Many behaviors can show that there is a nursing home abuse. Slapping the patients is a physical abuse which is one example of the home nursing abuse that the patients can be subjected to. Psychological abuse is the second example of nursing home abuse that the patients in the nursing home face. Negligence of the patients is also a nursing home abuse that is experienced by the patients which are not a good act since the patients should be attended to every time.

What will show that your patient in the nursing home is being abused? Knowing that your patient in the nursing home is abused will not be easy when you have visited them. The signs of abuse may be manifested either physically or in personality. Therefore, you thus take note of the behavior of the patient and weigh them if they can be caused by the disease or the abuse that they get in the nursing home.

How will you make the step of reporting the nursing home for medical malpractice? If you believe that the loved ones that you have are abused in the nursing home, then take a step of reporting the case immediately. You can start by contacting the bodies in charge with the nursing homes where you will be a procedure to follow when making your report. Involving the physician of the patient can be another step that you can use in reporting the case of nursing home abuse. The nursing home will be charged with the case of abusing the patients after you have made the report.

You should thus be the advocate of your loved one that is in the nursing home. Be your loved ones advocate by reporting the abusive nursing homes.