Artificial Teeth – Treatment, Procedure, Recovery

What are Artificial Teeth?

Artificial teeth, or dents artificielles, are the replacement for missing teeth. There are two types of artificial teeth replacement (or dentures), a complete one, and a partial one. Complete denture is performed when there is a need to replace all of your teeth, and partial denture is performed when only some of your teeth need replacement. Complete dentures can be either immediate or conventional. Immediate dentures are placed right after the removal of damaged or rotten teeth, and conventional ones are placed after some period of time.

The Procedure of Placing a Denture

First step in placing artificial teeth is consulting with your prosthodontist about the treatment that is best suited for you. After that, you will need to make an agreement over future appointments and check-ups. When you agree on the type of procedure that you will do, your doctor will have to take measures of your jaw in order to have an insight in what type of model to apply. When the measures have been taken, you will try on different models to determine if additional assessments are necessary. An artificial tooth is placed by joining it to the surrounding teeth with a „bridge“. This bridge is then finally being fixed in its place, so that it prevents other teeth from changing their position, as well.

Recovery and Possible Side Effects

Every person that has difficulties in adjusting a denture is ineligible for one. For example, if your jaw is painful after a denture is placed, or if your dentures are falling out, you are not eligible for this procedure.

The recovery from a denture placement usually takes around a month, with some possible deviations. It is important that after a new denture, you practice constantly to make your jaw and your tongue used to the feeling of new teeth in your mouth. Make sure to avoid sticky, hot, or hard food, as well.

When it comes to side effects, some discomfort might happen in the beginning, but this is completely normal, because your mouth did not get used to the feeling yet. All of these possible feelings will fade away as you get more and more used to your new dentures.

This article provided some basic informations about artificial teeth placement. If you have other inquiries, you should consult with your doctor, who can provide you with answers to everything you need to know.


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