Quick and healthy Indian snacks for kids

Kids love snacks time but only when you serve them their favourite snack. The best time to serve snack is in mid-morning or evening. Healthy home-made evening snacks for kids are always better than the refined and fried food of the market. However, as a parent, you must remember not to serve these snacks as a main meal. Here are some of the best quick to prepare and healthy Indian snacks for kids:

  • Cheese dosa – A quick cheese dosa is the best recipe to quickly curb the hunger of your kids without having to compromise with the nutrition. To prepare cheese dosa, you will need dosa batter, which should be slightly thick but should have a good consistency. Ensure that the pan on which you are going to make dosa is greased well. Heat the pan until it is hot enough. Keeping the flame on high, pour the ladle full of batter. Quickly spread it evenly on the pan to make a round dosa. Cheese dosa will also keep your kid in ideal weight according to weight calculator for kids.

Once the dosa batter slightly gets dry from the top, sprinkle the mixture of onions, capsicum, and carrots along with cheese. You can also add a tablespoon of sauce on top of it if your kids like it that way. Cook it until the edges begin to come up automatically. Once it is crisp, you can garnish it with coriander leaves. Fold it as per your preferred shape and serve hot.

  • Spring Rolls – Nothing can beat the taste of home-made spring rolls. You can also use the ready-made frozen sheets which can be made up of rice flour, plain flour or wheat flour. Its better to pick the healthy option as refined flour and preservatives are harmful to the kids. To prepare spring rolls, you have to heat oil in a pan and saute spring onions in it for a minute. After few seconds add cabbage, carrots and capsicum and saute them until the veggies are crunchy and cooked. Add soya sauce and vinegar in it. You can limit pepper in the recipe for your kids. Now turn off the stove and keep the mixture aside to cool.

Now to pull the individual wrappers, you can place few wrappers on a wet cloth for 5-7 mins which will make them come out easily on pulling. On one wrapper, place the stuffing and begin to roll from the edge. Roll it like you do with the spring rolls and seal the edges with the help of water. Repeat it until you finish the filling.

Now heat oil in a pan and drop spring rolls one by one. When spring rolls turn golden transfer them to a plate and serve them with tomato ketchup.

The recipes discussed here are easy to prepare and healthy as well. Let your kid enjoy his evening snack time without you having to worry about the nutrition.


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